Legend of the Seeker

Well I am loving this series…but…there are a few things bothering me…in the novels Richard is the Grandson of the First Wizard – Zedd …and his mother is dead killed by Darken Rahls men…his mother was raped by Rahl and that is how richard was conceived…Rahl had the subtractive side of the gift and zedd has the additive side…this is how Richard became a War Wizard, a wizard having both sides of the gift…in the series none of these things are true..

the other thing that is a minor thing…is that zedd put the westland boundary up after he took his daughter, pregnant with Richard, into westland…after he moved there he put the boundary up…and cast a spell so that no one would remember who he was…to hide the identity of the Great Wizard…after Kahlan found him, he removed the spell and people remembered him.

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