As the Mind

well lately, I have been talking to old friends from college. One of them has on a few occasions asked if she had ever hurt me and that she was sorry if she had. Well the first thing I want to say is that she didn’t. She was a good friend and it’s nice to re-connect. But thats not the topic here…

it has however, made me think about relationships with people, friends, enemies, lovers, etc. In every relationship we are bound to hurt and let down the other person, it is part of life and being in a relationship. The more we interact with the person, the more that pace will be accelerated just because we have so many more chances to screw up. It increases the odds.

The more that person means to us, the worse the pain is when they do let us down. The more they mean, the more ‘perfect’ they are to us, the more we love them, the more wonderful they are in our eyes etc. Thats why when they do eventually let us down, it hurts so much. It shatters our image of them or at the least tarnishes it.

How bad, how often, how soon it has happend plays a part in determining if that image is ever restored fully or not. How that person reacts plays a big part in it as well. Some people work to redeem themselves, others don’t care and show that disdain.

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