Great Quote from Legend of the Seeker

After a powerful spell was shattered. A spell that made a dream state seem real, a spell that would make someone tell the secrets they would never tell anyone except the people they trusted the most, to another person. It made the person believe they were in another place, another time and the person casting the spell was someone other than they were.

Kahlan: ‘How did you know it was a trick? What brought you out of it?’

Richard: ‘as real as it was in every way, nothing in my life has been more real than you. And just as I was about to tell Anna where the box was, I suddenly, absolutely knew you existed. I knew because I felt…I felt your love for me.’

This is very true. I am a firm believer in true love can overcome anything and can save us in the most deseperate of times and that sometimes, love is the only thing that can ‘break through and illusion,’ or ‘shatter a powerful spell.’

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