Quiz I Made on Facebook

Created the ‘How well do you know Jason Punko?’ quiz on facebook. So far 2 of my friends have taken it and both got 4 out of 7.

1) What is the one thing I am the most passionate about these days?
a) Universal Conquest
b) Numbers, Give me more numbers
c) Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness
d) My “special interest”
e) Photography

2) What am I the most scared of?
a) Dying alone
b) Failing
c) A Bad Car Accident
d) Alien Abuction
e) Nightmares

3) What color suits me best?
a) Hot Pink
b) Blood Red
c) Pastels
d) Black or anything Dark
e) Color does not matter-They are all about the same

4) How Many Tattoos Do I have?
a) 1
b) 5
c) 0
d) 6
e) 3

5) What is my Bachelors Degree in?
a) English
b) History
c) Math
d) Computer Science
e) I don’t have one

6) If I could live life over, would I change anything?
a) Who wouldn’t?
b) I would have to think about it.
c) A few things, but not many.
d) I would get rid of any pain, but keep the good
e) No.

7) Last Question…What month was I born in
a) December
b) March
c) June
d) Auguest
e) September

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